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About Us

Frères Jean-Baptist Foundation was started in the country of Haiti. We wanted to help educate young people who could not afford to go to school. So we decided to help by funding a school that was affordable. We sent money to two young teachers in order to help them get started with the school. But we also decided that we wanted to do something in this country to help people here as well. We noticed the high suicide rate and mental health problems so we set out on a mission to make a difference in any way we possibly could.

Our main goal is to bring awareness to suicide and mental health issues to Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas.  We do this by raising money through bike rentals and repairs. This pays for facility costs and free group therapy meetings for anyone no matter their income. We also involve participants in outdoor activities such as bicycle tours in and around the Fredericksburg area for children and adults. Our future plan is to hire certified counselors; provide hot meals during our group counseling sessions; and expand to more locations.

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